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Balloon Guide & Safety

Safety is a non-negotiable for us. We love parties and balloons, however, we enjoy and appreciate individuals who party and celebrate responsibly. 
  • Do not leave children and pets unattended with balloons.
  • Balloons (whether broken, not inflated, inflated or partly deflated) can cause choking or suffocation
  • Do not allow children and pets to chew on deflated balloons or pieces of popped balloons. Ribbons can be choking hazards as well as any plastic sealers and garland plastic.
  • Do not allow children to blow up balloons unsupervised. 
  • Keep balloons out of the reach of children and pets
  • Store non-inflated balloons safely and securely  
  • Please do not leave balloons in the car

Keep your balloons secured to weights/anchors. 

Do not inhale helium, it is harmful to your health and wellness.
Please check if there is a latex allergy. In a case of latex allergy please select Mylar balloons.

If you are a planet-friendly shopper, shop our latex balloon section. 
Our latex balloons are manufactured by Qualatex, and are biodegradable and decompose.s

Foil/Mylar Balloons
Made from nylon and an aluminum coating.
Are not biodegradable, but are RECYCLABLE with plastic.

You can reuse your foil/mylar balloons, they are refillable. We can't guarantee that they will inflate all the time, but, give it a shot!

Ensure they are always weighted/anchored down. PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE THEM IN THE AIR. 

If they are not disposed properly, they will be in our landfills forever. Please reuse or return to our store. You will receive a 13% discount off your next order.
Latex Balloons
100% biodegradable. Plant based.Made from sap rubber from the Hevea tree and not plastic. Latex balloons are 100% natural rubber latex (NRL) 

Balloon Disposal

When your celebration has ended, deflate your balloons and follow these steps...

Foil balloons

  1. Cut balloons to release helium or air.
  2. Cut into small pieces
  3. a. Flatten, store and reuse, b. Recycle with plastic, c. return to our store.
Latex balloons, please follow these steps...
  1. Cut balloons to release helium or air.
  2. Cut into small pieces
  3. Dispose with household waste, where it will decompose in the landfill

Balloon Float Times
There are many numerous factors and they vary based on the material, contents inside, size and the temperature (in transit and storage)
8"-11" latex balloons 16-24 hours
18"-36" balloons 3-5 days
8"-11" Confetti 8-12 hrs
Foil Balloons 3-5 days
Mega numbers & letters 3-5 days

We use Hi-Float in our latex balloons to extend use. (For inflated balloons in our store)



Cold air, snow and rain can deflate balloons (*Sometimes, them may return once taken indoors)

Warm/room temperature can expand them

In extreme hot temperatures, helium gas expands and bursts

Keep balloons away from extreme heat

Foil balloons are very sensitive to temperature. 


Balloons are a risk to our marine life and often times, marine animals mistaken the balloon for food. Let's work together to keep balloons out of our oceans, rivers and lakes. 

Party responsibly, don't pop, don't let go, don't litter. Be a good human. We love our earth, environment and community.